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National Social Security card can break the ice in the Yangtze River Delta region

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently released "State Golden Card Project National IC card application (2008-2013) development plan" put forward, the next 5 years, China's social security card to the "National General."灞婃椂锛屽皢鏈変竴涓鐩栧叏鍥界殑缃戠粶锛屽疄鐜板吇鑰併?鍖荤枟銆佺ぞ淇濈瓑浜嬪姟鐨勨?绁炲窞琛屸?銆?br />
"Social Security Card," and this will help to break the geographical barriers of the policy vision, the materials, transportation, personnel, information flow and close coordination in the high speed of the Yangtze River Delta, will take the lead in ice?

"City effect" can not do without "social insurance exchange"

Not long ago, Shanghai 129 bus will replace a new POS machines to accept from Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Yangtze River Delta cities, traffic card. Currently in Yangtze River Delta, one relying on the transportation cards, "Transit Circle" has begun to take shape. Shanghai local transport card carrying members of the public, not only in Suzhou, Wuxi, Changshu, take the bus Cheong Hang in Fuyang, Hangzhou, also in the "fight."浜掗?鐨勪笉鍙槸浜ら?銆?Figures show the other provinces the number of households and enterprises in Shanghai registered capital, respectively, 30% and 50% from the Yangtze River Delta region; Shanghai's domestic economic cooperation projects, with about four percent of Jiangsu, Zhejiang cooperation. In the capital, talent, technology, the rapid flow of information, the Yangtze River Delta in the "city effect" is becoming increasingly prominent. "City" Lacks Anything? Deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission Reform Institute, NLD Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Cheng Shao said that in recent years of "settling in Kunshan, Shanghai office" model of the "City" has been "live" and " line "on the essay, as now, social security has become a livelihood exchange" ultimate threshold. " Cheng Shao believes that demand conditions the Yangtze River Delta region the first in China to achieve social security card interoperability. On the one hand, Shanghai is relatively abundant medical resources should serve the Yangtze River Delta; the other hand, a number of Shanghai residents purchase housing in the neighboring city, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, there are still some areas of origin of people choose to retire to his home to live their retirement, medical treatment have yet to be to achieve interoperability.

"Wuxi Shanghai Cooperation" opened off exchange

Shanghai is the first to introduce social security card of the city. From 1999 to last year, Shanghai has issued a total of 11.12 million social security card, covering the permanent residents and to Shanghai, application areas include labor and social security, public security, civil affairs, provident fund, medical insurance, health, education, voter registration and military service Its function will be to the "electronic wallet" to expand. In implementing the first five years, in July 2003, a "Shanghai and Wuxi on the realization of the two" social security card "interoperability framework of cooperation agreement" signed between the two cities. Agreement, "In view of the Xihu very frequent personnel exchanges between the two, both from the convenience of the public exchange of human resources, remote extraction of pension, medical billing and other services using the social security card point of view", will promote interoperability between social security card.鏍规嵁鍙屾柟绾﹀畾锛岀敱涓婃捣鎵挎媴鏃犻敗绀句繚鍗$殑绯荤粺寤鸿宸ヤ綔銆?CPPCC Standing Committee, Democratic League of the Shanghai Municipal Director Zheng Huiqiang that the "Shanghai Wuxi cooperation," the implementation of the project marks the experience of Shanghai social security card was successfully applied to other large and medium cities in the Yangtze River Delta, and software algorithms and interlinked nature of technology platforms, but also the future of networking for the two common foundation. September 2005, Wuxi City, the official social security card system, a project put into operation, the system covers all citizens, "life information", the end of last year, total fat,

Up about 1.5 million social security card.鍦ㄤ粖骞村惎鍔ㄧ殑鈥滀簩鏈熷伐绋嬧?涓紝涓婃捣杩樺皢涓烘棤閿″埗浣?0涓囧紶灞呮皯鍖讳繚瀛︾敓鍗°?


Cheng Shao frankly, from the Yangtze River Delta cities to promote the current situation, "social security card" of progress is still "slow."涓烘锛岄渶瑕佸敖蹇墦寮?笅杩颁笁涓?鍗″彛鈥濄? , "Bayonet" is one of the technical standards throughout the different.鐢变簬缂轰箯閫氱洏鑰冭檻锛屼簰閫氳鍒掓?浠嶄笉瓒筹紝鐩墠鍚勫煄甯傚ぇ澶氬湪灏忚寖鍥村唴缁熶竴鏍囧噯鍜屾妧鏈紝浠庤?褰㈡垚浜嗚嫢骞蹭釜鈥滃皬鍦堝湀鈥濓紝姣斿鏉窞閲囩敤闆嗘垚鐢佃矾鎶?湳锛屽槈鍏翠负鈥滃鐢ㄩ?鏅鸿兘鍗♀?锛屽畞娉?鍙板窞銆佺粛鍏淬?婀栧窞鐨勬妧鏈爣鍑嗕緷鎵樹簬閾惰绯荤粺锛岃?涓婃捣銆佹棤閿″張灞炲彟涓?被銆?Cheng Shao said that as an increasingly significant problem, at present these "all into one group," the standards are still being vigorously promoted around, it will communicate the next docking additional transition costs that may arise "format war" will hinder the region integration steps. 鈥滃崱鍙b?涔嬩簩鏄斂绛栧樊寮傜殑鍒剁害銆?Cheng Shao said to Medicare, for example, the treatment around the level of financial subsidies are quite different interests of the difficult balance. For example, take the medical insurance card to Shanghai Jiaxing settlement, want a higher health insurance treatment, Shanghai will be happy to pay for it? The cost of health insurance benefit level is rigid or can be, not down, otherwise it will give local residents dissatisfied, however, to go from low to high city will face a higher threshold for treatment. "Cost range of interest is not so, there is no basis for docking, convergence will encounter resistance."

, "Bayonet" The third is the lack of institutional mechanisms. Cheng Shao said the "bayonet" In the final analysis is due to co-ordinate, the lack of coordination mechanisms, the current triangle has been established to promote exchange of relevant transportation card coordinating body, but the social security card of the exchange has not specialized agency responsible for promoting.鐢变簬娌℃湁涓诲鍜屽崗璋冩柟锛屽悇鍦版墽琛屾椂闅惧厤鍥夸簬琛屾斂鍖哄垝鍜屾潯鍧楀垎鍓诧紝閫犳垚鍏变韩灏戙?浜ゆ崲灏戙?鏉ュ線灏戠殑灞?潰銆?Zheng Huiqiang that, to serve as the positioning of the Shanghai Yangtze River Delta, Yangtze River Delta social security card should be actively promoted the establishment of coordination mechanisms, and show initiative to align the posture, so that the next generation social security card machines compatible with surrounding cities.


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Blog: Beware of the computer in the city's "hidden rules"

JS (profiteer) is the highest frequency of major IT Forum, an acronym. National Day, New Year's Day, a series of major promotional Hancu not allow computers on the city calmed down and was going to come Chinese New Year brought by a small IT products shopping orgasm. Seen recently in various forums, shopping cheated in the case of Computer City, emerging, and many more launch sites such as "Computer City JS means great exposure!" And other articles.

Many users have questions, price transparency is all brand computers are very high, and the city full of computer brands in the store, can I shop in this environment would be "black" not a? Yes, if you are not familiar with computer products, you are lured by some petty profits, that would be allowed to fall into the trap in JS.

Recently, computer users on the exposed some of the city rule, the message to Beijing Zhongguancun, for example, listed the gorgeous exterior Zhongguancun Computer City, the four potential rules: 蹇芥偁 customers, invoices transmission of the disease, shop upstairs and downstairs shop Shopping guide puzzle. To Huyou customer, for example, a consumer to buy A brand digital cameras, the result has been sales to defame A brand-name products for various reasons, then enthusiastically recommend B brand products, 蹇芥偁 half, many consumers are not familiar with the product also The sales staff was "kind and warm" move, when to buy B brand, only to find out a comparison of the B brands sold here, the price higher than the outside with a large, back to theory, to meet the consumer's natural that the black surface of the door god . The situation in Guangzhou Computer City also common, but are more common in Zhongguancun's thing, such as 13 floors of a store in Zhongguancun Hailong playing out on account of huyou Dafa is condemned dozens of online users.

Zhongguancun than shopping environment, the computer business district of Guangzhou Gangding no doubt, it is relatively "clean" many, at least Purchasing Guide sold upstairs with downstairs, etc. to see less obvious. However, playing a little trick misty's case will still occur. Zhongguancun, the four potential rules do appear to many consumers, "wronged" the past is the computer industry is more concerned about the city business district be formed, Computer City, the competitive situation between the expense of the city as the main computer of competition between businesses environmental change. This post in on that: "Competition in the tragic, tremendous pressure on the one hand to businesses, on the other hand, excessive competition will inevitably make Zhongguancun ecology in 'overload' conditions, the consequences will be out of the core of a large number of the lack of competition force business, on the other hand the process of elimination will be made in the shopping environment has become worse in Zhongguancun. "to the sound development of the computer business district, merchants to obtain reasonable profit, consumer rights are protected, how to achieve win-win results is difficult to find estimates A surefire plan before, in addition to store management should step up efforts, the consumer is only looking to match wits with the JS, to avoid falling into the "hidden rules" in the snares.


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Log multiple Gmail accounts at the same time - Firefox extension

Gmail Appinn is written in the software I use AutoHotKey, using Firefox3 and expansion of Prism, the Gmail system into the Central Plains as an independent desktop program, like students. And compared with normal Web browser, Gmail Appinn neither the menu nor the toolbar, just to maintain minimal UI. Gmail Appinn advantage is that you can treat it as a normal desktop application to use.

Very suitable for busy people do not want to open Gtalk disturbed the Gmailer.

Figure 1 Gmial interface


Support for multiple Gmail account simultaneously log.

Can be minimized to system tray

Auto Login

Background control Prism

Tips for new messages, and similar to Google Talk Tips

When Google Talk presence, you can set up a new pop-up message asks if

Fig 2 e-mail reminder

Support the main interface shortcuts exhale

Custom Projects rich (check mail interval, pop-up prompts residence time, a new voice message prompts, Prism window name, the default login of Gmail interface)

Figure 3 login screen

Encrypted password stored in the configuration file

Automatically check the message data stored in memory, not to hurt the hard drive


The first step, you must install the FireFox 3 browser and install the expansion of Prism.

The second step, run FireFox, open Gmail, click on "tools" menu, select "Convert Website to Application", in pop-up window, in the "name" in input: Gmail, check Gmail, click ok. See next map:

The third step is to run "install. Exe", is set up, click "OK" to start the program directly.


1, Firefox and Prism where the path where the path is a shortcut from the second step in the establishment, acquisition of data, keep the default on the line. The second step to establish a shortcut will be deleted.

2, mouse over the "check mail interval" and "pop-up prompts stay", scroll wheel can automatically change the data.

3, when GmailAppinn.exe running, open the setup interface is set up, click "OK", GmailAppinn.exe will automatically restart.

4, the contents of the password input box is empty every time you start, because your Gmail password is encrypted and stored in the configuration file, if there decrypt the password and the password input box to display your password as asterisks, it can be See the software detects an asterisk, encryption will be lost meaning, so empty. After the first set, they do not change your password, let the password box blank on the line.

5, in the Gmail interface when maximized, click the task bar, you can hide the tray, I believe that eMule and used software like Twhirl friend some love. (This feature is especially want to thank Helfee code provided)

6, how to turn off the "new mail alert sound"? In the setting where it will be empty on it.

7, N to open a Gmail? After the above settings, a copy of the entire Gmail Appinn, and then click your account and password reset.

8, left-click the tray icon to display the Prism.


Please do not use the right menu ShowGmail to display interface, or will happen can not be hidden to tray problem. If the unfortunate Click how to do? Please restart the computer. If that does not work, open the setup interface, change it "Gmail window name."

Careless, to set interface "When Gtalk exist", labeled "When Gtalk time"


Prism, is to eat large memory. Will occupy 50 ~ 80 MB of memory. Here someone may ask: how do IE ah? Because with IE I do not go on the development and use IE, then N can not be achieved to open a Gmail.

If you are using Firefox Portable version, first run Gmail Appinn, and then run Firefox will prompt: Another instance of Firefox is already running. Please close other instances of Firefox before launching Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition (Test). To the effect that: another Firefox is running, please close it after running the program.

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Matting, Photoshop master of the Road, 2

Flexible use of tools in Photoshop, image processing

Portraits part of the deal:

Look at the picture above, if the people on both sides of the head should be removed, then they would fill the position should be used to remove the area it fills the background next to complete. Well, look at what most people picture the background of what the right, in addition to the trees the sky, some people, so we will use these to fill the better.

1. We first selected on a piece of wood in the background, shown in Figure 10,

(Figure 10)

Copy and then paste, the new layer, then the eraser to rub the edge of this layer to reach the edge of a kind of feathering effect, the diameter eraser set above Figure 11.

(Figure 11)

2. In the deal, we can move layers to the character's face, the face covered. If the area is not large enough, then you can copy more than one layer, until her face covered up. Treatment Figure 12:

(Figure 12)

Now we have to deal with the picture on the left of the head

Figure 13

1. We must first choose some of the region to deal with it with a spray gun. We can use the first tool to draw in color with the color of the sky, and then spray gun tool to the location of the sky with color fill. Using the same approach slope. Finally as shown in Figure 14 so.

Figure 14

2. Then select the following section, Figure 15, copied and then paste, then rub this layer the edge of the eraser. To move it above his head, and if not, then on to reproduce more layers.

Figure 15


Has been dealt with in Figure 16:

Figure 16

Haha, that this step we can look at photos of the treatment, how?

On this practice? Not yet, we have to change it curves and color saturation.


1. Press ctrl + M pop-up window, as shown below, watching images side adjustment curve.

Press ctrl + U pop-up window (Figure) to adjust saturation value

Haha, look how well the picture changed?

Summary: In fact, we found that in dealing with the picture of what is useless, just some basic tools. Often need is patience, careful, with these, together with the flexible use of various tools to deal with images will become easier. Welcome to exchange letters with my email:

[Editor's note]

Cipian tutorial there are a small story, one day greatly accelerates forum Xia Guang, occasional discussion of a crowd in the original image processed with a photo, think of a good photoshop technique, made every effort to inquire into their whereabouts, stalker, only this article, interested friends can visit the following website for further understanding of:

The original is so long, bean sprouts into the

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Fun Chinese version of Firefox mode conversion work great transfiguration Entertainment

Firefox browser (Firefox) has been the "security" and "fast" and so known, but its real appeal is that Firefox has a wealth of "add-ons" (Add-ons). More than 5,000 add-ons to an internal strength as a powerful martial arts master re-equipped with a 18-like weapons, greatly enhanced the use and function of Firefox, you can allow different users to personalize their own taste to configure their own fire Fox browser! However, if people share a computer, or the same person at home and at work on the browser's configuration requirements are different how do? Chinese version of Firefox (Firefox China Edition) built-in "Switch User Configuration" feature Let your Firefox cloned a technique, a key switch!

Figure 1, the Chinese version of Firefox built-in "Switch User Configuration" feature

Here we look at how this little fox is his magic, in your browser to achieve "cloned technique"?

Firefox cloned using a technique

Click the left side of the Firefox browser, "Firefox Shortcut", select "Switch User Configuration" -> "Manage User Configuration" -> "Create Profile", click "Next" in the "Please enter a new profile name "Enter you want to set the mode, such as" work "; then, click on the" end ", it easy to complete" work "mode settings. After, you can "work" mode to add additional components associated with the work.

Figure 2 in the Chinese version of the Firefox user profile settings

Similarly, you can set according to the method just "family" model, and in the "family" mode, choose your favorite Firefox add ons. Here, the author to recommend a called "Suricate" Firefox add-ons, it is intended to prevent minors access to adult sites, is a very good parental control tools, there are already more than 30,000 downloads, It is said than some of the "Youth Escort" software should be easy to use yo!

If you are for your Firefox browser settings the "entertainment" mode, you must not forget that in the "entertainment" mode, install the following Firefox add-ons:

Security Control, to help pay for your Firefox compatible Po, easy online shopping!

Cooliris, you can make your page show full-screen 3D browsing effect, more than 1,500 people have become super-fan of it!

Gladder, can automatically determine whether you need online agency, usually by people to install it because it can be very convenient access to Wikipedia.

eQuake Alert, regardless of where the earthquake around the world, your Firefox will tremble! since the "5.12" after the writer I have been concerned about the news of the earthquake.

Firefox add-ons to add more, you can visit: https: / / / zh-CN / firefox /, Firefox add-ons website according to the "Language Tools", "photos music and videos" , "news blog" and other categories, guide you configure your Firefox browser.

In addition, through Firefox Chinese version of the "User Configuration", you can set on the same computer with different user name to facilitate the sharing of more than one computer.

A user mode key switch

Configured user mode, you directly in the "Firefox shortcut" select "Switch User Configuration", select the settings you have a good configuration (such as "Entertainment"), click on "Use Configuration", you can switch the mode use your Firefox browser, a!

You can also click on the "Firefox Shortcut" -> "Switch User Configuration" -> "Manage User Profiles" in the "manage user configuration" in the "Create", "Rename" or "delete" configuration file.

Introduced so much, we still come to experience it yourself! In the Chinese version of Firefox "mode switch" technique found in cloned have fun, make your Firefox work, play correct, easy one-click reopens after facelift!

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Wang Zhuo: LANDesk Chinese "master" (1)

As the saying goes: "the spring, the plan is on the 1st morning." "Spring", an enduring thousands of years, scholars of the subject population, a record the people's hope for the future Jiyu a good season. Indeed, the spring symbol of hope, spring represents the revival of all things. This year, the spring is especially LANDesk, March 5, 2003 at LANDesk (Beijing) Software Co., Ltd. was established in a press conference held in Beijing, marking the world's leading software development company --- LANDesk (LANDesk) debut in China. We are also very excited is that, in the company's management team saw a tall, handsome Chinese, this is LANDesk's CEO --- Wang Zhuo, a thoroughly Chinese. When trying to use GOOGLE search on "Wang Zhuo" you may find the relevant information is not a lot, but if you go search on "JOE WANG" Maybe you have more to discover. Could see, Wang Zhuo's overseas work experience than many of their extensive in the country. The appearance of easy-going and very good at communicating Wang Zhuo people seem to have a force attention to the opportunity through this conference we LANDesk, and he has more knowledge and understanding.

"Clouds" of the dispersed

Silicon Valley can be said to be an ideal place for business success, a lot of people can dream the dream of a successful Workshop. Here, not always successful, nor eternal failure, although the downturn pressure was very hot, but still keep the story of Chinese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley staged curtain. Wang Zhuo was born in an ordinary Beijing family, admitted to Peking University Department of Computer Science Entrance, 4 years later became Professor of National People's Congress declared the third Sa graduate division. In this period a "Silicon Valley fever," a book for young Wang Zhuo excited, so graduate students graduate and take time management of the University of Southern California, business dreams and impulses within one year he received a degree in management, and most of the "outstanding student "Like, Wang Zhuo also hope to establish their own company to accomplish something his career. Only this time he never thought years later they will start to embark on a difficult path, which is full of setbacks and frustrations of a long road.

Joe Wang's first job in the United States yes in a compiler to do a software company to do device product manager, the main is 璐熻矗 product analysis, market analysis, competitive analysis, and soon, to good market for performance, there were only 26-year-old's Wang Zhuo was promoted to vice president on. Two years later, by chance met Joe Wang, a venture capital business, and to reveal some of their own ideas, investors feel this guy's idea is very good, so decided to invest, set up the clouds software company, was dissatisfied Wang Zhuo, 28, vice president of the same riding position.

However, entrepreneurship is difficult after all. Wang Zhuo, led his men out hard to product development, but faced funding problems because it was just in time for the U.S. economic downturn, investors in the economic downturn, decided to divest, Wang Zhuo only themselves face bankruptcy and clean up the mess of the situation. Wang Zhuo said the company's failure is the failure of financial management, the failure to make him aware of all the original product is not the management company of any one link failure will bring disastrous consequences, and financial issues in particular. Software companies, pre-investment over time there will be no output, only when the software product to be completed before there may be income. The product must have completed a second tranche of investment in, carry out marketing and sales for operating expenses. If you do not continue once the funding, the entire project will come to naught. Although the last clouds closed down, but his products and to some customers agree, is more important is the business to Joe Wang received a lot of management and legal knowledge. Failure is not terrible, even in Silicon Valley to encourage risk-taking, but also to allow failure. And an entrepreneur, every failure, the value of the new venture will be higher, many companies are continuing failure to grow up.

"20/20" the suffering

Wang Zhuo then back to square one. Before him are two roads, one way is to do professional managers, a good salary and stock holding, step by step live comfortably and safely. Another way is venture, risk more and more difficult but also more opportunities. Wang Zhuo chose the latter, "this time does not start, his long-standing dream I am afraid there is no chance to become a reality." Zhuo Wang is the second attempt with two other partners started a new journey as an entrepreneur They created the 20/20 was purchased by Symantec Corporation. 20/20 inception, most began developing software products in the DOS operating system was developed under an enhanced database software: WestLake Imager. At the same time, Windows 3.1 operating system has become available, and quickly engulfed the original DOS market. The original DOS operating system in the era of all-powerful software vendors have disappeared, but originally in the software market, face precarious WestLake Imager updated operating system has been unable to resist. 20/20 The first product in such a brutal market environment is torrent flooded, with no chance to struggle. The failure to 20/20 left a profound negative example that companies must be consistent with market trends, or even ahead of market development. Otherwise, the same as in the bricks. Market is the touchstone of all the technology, only suited to market the technology, no technology is not suitable for the market, this principle is particularly important.

Wang Zhuo had thought of giving up, but still not reconciled. In early 1993, 20/20 of the developers started developing a Windows platform, the installation program: PC-Install. This software not only development time is short, and clear user requirements. More than a year thereafter, the installation of the software market was a bayonet fighting. Enterprises in the function of mutual competition, Showdown. In this way, a number of software vendors with similar products and with almost the same with similar strategies in a narrow field with a desperate competition. 20/20 through 3 years of operating losses, 20/20 at the end of 1994 finally began to profit. During this period, production and installation of enterprise software products through an Ebb Tide, last only a 20/20 and the other a company called Install Shield. The 20/20 is able to survive the weak strength and began to profit, Wang Zhuo that fought a detour because of war. When all firms are in desperately enhanced software functionality, the time to show off technical strength, 20/20 confused marketing focus from products transferred to a specific user group needs. They sought to allow users to understand: While our product features is not the most full, but our products allows you to easily learn to use. Therefore, some low-end market is 20/20 to seize. This, Install Shield, and 20/20, respectively account for the company's high-end installation market and low-end.


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! WMA OGG Converter

HiFi WMA OGG Converter is a ease-to-use tool that directly converts audio format WMA and OGG from one format to another. You can resample your WMA and OGG files with HiFi WMA OGG Converter.

HiFi WMA OGG Converter Gives you the option of setting the bitrate and frequency of created files. supports CBR and VBR. You can convert Batch directly convert between WMA, OGG files.

You can edit the ID3 information for the created files with the ID3-Editor built in HiFi WMA OGG Converter.

You can add entire folder and sub-folders, then convert all the files one by one. And There is a small player built-in and you can pre-listen your song.

HiFi WMA OGG Converter Supports batch conversion. There is a small player built-in and you can pre-listen your song. HiFi WMA OGG Converter converts audio files digitally-not through the soundcard-which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. Convert from one to another directly and on-the-fly (without temporary files produced). Converting your files is just a button click away.

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